Zoning Update

What is the zoning update about?

The City of Hampton, Georgia has received a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to hire consulting firm TSW to conduct a comprehensive update of its zoning ordinance.

Why is the zoning being updated?

This process is being undertaken to:

  • make regulations easier to understand
  • promote economic prosperity
  • remove barriers to appropriate development
  • and make our city a more livable place!

Final Updated Zoning Ordinance

The document below reflects a number of changes to the text of the zoning regulations, as adopted by Hampton City Council on August 14, 2018.  These updates address a wide variety of topics, from which uses are allowed in which zoning districts, to parking, landscaping, and other development regulations.  They also include a number of technical updates.

Final Updated Zoning Ordinance (August 14)

Adult Business Ordinance

The City of Hampton is also updating its ordinance regulating adult businesses.  Proposed regulations are below.

Draft Adult Business Ordinance (July 10 draft)

Draft Proposed Zoning Map

Hampton’s zoning map is also being digitized and updated as a part of this process.  Some properties are being rezoned.  The map below shows the proposed zoning of each property in the city limits.

Hampton proposed zoning map DRAFT August 8 thumbnail